This is the story of a man who seems to have been predestined to stumble, who has spent his life inside and outside those four walls with grates.

We called it "Lina I love you" as the tattoo on his hands, to remember the most important thing left out there.

Memories from Prison is a long-term video project carried out in two Italian prisons. It’s a workshop where prisoners select and interpret photographs creating a therapeutic journey of images and words.

The project took place in Civitavecchia and Rebibbia prisons, with three groups of prisoners: two male and one female.

50 photographers from all over the world contributed their photographs to the project.

The core purpose is to narrate the experiences of the prisoners with no filters, trying to retain their own humanity, in a world where at times redemption seems impossible.

INTERNAZIONALE: https://www.internazionale.it/video/2018/12/05/sguardo-carceri-italiane